IXION BSR II Reihenbohrmaschine

gang drilling machines with thread cutting 

IXION BSR II new in 1973

distance column/spindle 200 mm, 

table 250 mm x 600 mm

drilling head height-adjustable 250 mm

dinstance of the two drilling heads 300 mm

drilling head 1:

drill capacity St60: 16 mm

min/max distance table spindle nose 150/400 mm

spindle stroke 100 mm, spindle nose taper B10

spindle speed 500-5600 rpm 

cuck Albrecht 0-10 mm

drill/threading head 2:

drilling capacity 16 mm 

threadcutting capacity max M 18x1

autom. change right/left rotational direction

spindle stroke 100 mm, spindle speed 160-800 rpm

€ 1.200,--

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